Old Cats Can Learn New Tricks

          An old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” If that was true, how about cats? Or in my case, "Kat". Ha! Wink

          Well, of course we should not take that line literally. But I guess, it is one of those proverbs that would best describe how I felt before enrolling at UPOU.

          Due to several personal reasons of quitting school back when I was at my 3rd year in college, I never really gave too much thought of ever going back to school. It all just passed by my mind, especially when I landed on a job that didn't require graduates. All they needed were people who are fluent in both written and verbal English and willing to go on night shifts.

          So, consider yourself as a soldier, going to battle with just enough ammunition, a bullet-proof armor, and a grenade. Your ammo is your skill set (English & computer literacy, etc.), your bullet-proof armor would be your physical defense, against many trials and sickness, thus your health and stamina. Take note that you need this armor because you are going to the “graveyard”. As for the grenade… well, it takes luck or precision, to throw it in the right direction to hit your target or at least, get the most damage.

          I believe that hard work, proper skills and goals, are not the only bullets you need in the corporate world. You also need to be in the right place at the right time. It would either be 1) you get lucky, or 2) you do not let opportunities right in front of you pass you by. Instead, you grab them!

          My life in the BPO industry was a roller coaster ride. Like a normal outsourced worker, I had to pass through several screenings and trainings. After my training period and during my second month as a probationary agent, I received the award “Most Promising Newbie”. With this, my spirit was lifted and like a hammer throw spun and released with full confidence, I was ready to face the world with this brand new ammo. And before I knew it, within the first year of my regularization, I got promoted.

          Things were going well, I met new friends, gained new knowledge, learned a lot and shared them, and basically grew with the company. This foot soldier used and acquired new ammo; lost and won many wars. But after almost eight years, I realized that I was ignoring the signs, the bullet proof armor was wearing thin. Not being able to hold my full defense, my shield, I got to a point where I had to choose between my career and my health.

          Let’s face it, not sleeping at night is not really healthy. Add that with vices, and it would even be graver. In fact, there is only a certain threshold that our minds and bodies can withstand. If you force yourself too much and go overboard, you have to face dire risks. And even, irreversible consequences.

          With all that, I still feel fortunate that I was able to choose life, before it’s too late. As I always tell my agents, there is life outside the office! Besides, my son is growing up, and I would still like to witness him finish his studies, raise a family, be there when he needs me (and even when he does not), and I would love to have grandchildren of my own. Not that I am discouraging those who currently work or would like to work in the BPO industry, as we all have our own reasons and preferences. It just so happened that my path had lead me to another direction.

          After leaving the world of "graveyards", I found my calling through volunteer work with advocacy organizations. Here are a few examples of the first flyers that I have done for different fundraisers organized by Fans with Hearts.

          Sometimes, I get to handle online accounts as well as make/maintain blogs and websites. So, I found it perfect to take up BAMS to learn more and improve my skills. I believe that knowledge is an unending process and we should use this not only for our own growth but also for the betterment of the society.

          I feel that having been given the chance to take an online distance education from one of the most, if not the most prestigious school in the country, is a privilege. And I won’t let this privilege go to waste. As I learn to adjust to distance learning these past two months, the tasks and tests made me realize that despite having challenges, I will be able to pursue and reach my goals as long as I have the patience, determination and motivation to finish them all. I am looking forward to learn more and finally earn my degree through the university’s help. For institutions like UP and UPOU, inspire not only leaders for organizations and our country, but also for individuals who can lead their own lives to a better future.

          This is an opportunity for me to change the course of my life, and I’m grabbing it while it’s hot, like the summer sun! I won’t let education pass by right in front of me again. Who knows, maybe with the right combination of hard work, proper skills and luck (or opportunities), I might be a head, or even, start my own non-government organization! As I said in my first blog post, “never stop dreaming” but goals are not enough without hard work, as you also have to know when to wake up, stand up, walk, and start learning those new tricks. ★

          And the story doesn't end here. Let me also share one of those new tricks that I just learned... creating videos!

P.S. The video requires a password, but only BAMS students would know it. ;)


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