UPOU Student's Portal Under Maintenance

Notices from different FICs are spreading like wildfire for days. Well, sort of. But despite several announcements, some of the students are in a panic today to get a hold of the documents and reading requirements from the portal.

Something note-worthy: Always download all the materials as soon as the Faculty in Charge (FIC) posts them, to avoid scrumping for them online elsewhere. Especially when there is an announced downtime... and deadline.

I tried to log-in today and it's noticeable how the header changed from this to a simple white header.

Here's the message that appears when you log in:

It reads:
MyPortal is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance from May 11 (Monday) to May 12 (Tuesday), 2015, Philippine Time. During this time, the site will not be accessible. MyPortal will be accessible again on May 13, 2015 (Wednesday) PHT. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I'm guessing that the new layout would have a white theme and leaning more on minimalism. Hopefully, more mobile-friendly as well. Let's see in a couple of days. Now back to reading Plato's republic.


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