Watch Live: EDSA CCTV

As the APEC week peaks today, and the traffic on major roads has doubled or even tripled in volume and travel time since Monday, it is best to get equipped with information before heading to the streets. Before you get all caught up with the #APECtado #Carmageddon posts from the social media, head on to your fave search engine and look for guides. Surprisingly, there are live feeds from the cctv and monitors scattered around the metro that anyone can watch online. Here's a couple of sites that would be helpful.


The traffic monitoring cameras are owned and operated by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). The MMDA Traffic Mirror is the latest (May 2013) technology-driven project of the agency, under Chairman Francis Tolentino. This traffic mirror is 100% produced by NowPlanet.TV, a digital media brand of the publicly listed Now Corporation (formerly Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc.). You can view this channel by using your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.


In cooperation with TV5 and the MMDA, this site features the map of major roads with its corresponding real time traffic updates. You can choose the line view to see specific locations, but only limited to EDSA, Commonwealth, Quezon Ave., EspaƱa, C5, Ortigas, Marcos Highway, Roxas Blvd. SLEX and NLEX. For Traffic Alerts, just click on the red "Traffic Advisory" bubble that comes with a number (usually "1") indicating the number of alerts.

So if you know that you will get stuck in traffic, make sure 1) you're already done with your bathroom duties, 2) if you drive your own vehicle, your gasoline is in full tank (or at least more than half), 3) pack snacks and drinks to avoid getting hotheaded because you're too hungry to think rationally, and 4) bring a long a lot of patience or 5) just avoid all these hullabaloo and stay indoors like a hermit or watch your fave series from first season to last or movie marathon with the kids.


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