New Term, New Template

Welcome to my redesigned blog! Well, I make it a habit to change the way this looks every term and now I'm back to the drawing board. Too bad I forgot to take screenshots of the old designs. Well, moving forward I will post the next ones to document the progress.

For starters, I changed the fonts, adjusted the sizes and revamped the overall feel of this blog. It's much brighter now and easier to read, I guess. I also added a few pages to compile school requirements such as essays and production projects (i.e. photos, videos, artworks). There will also be a page dedicated to all the blogs/sites I made for school projects and personal/commissioned projects.

So there you go, I'm indeed a little busy this term. New projects, aside from school requirements, are also already lined up. And, we're about to launch our very own small start-up. I'll keep everyone posted in the coming days (or weeks). I hope I can cope up with all these deadlines. Wish me luck!


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