10 Bands that I’ve Seen, One is a Lie Meme

While there were tons of clashes in music tastes, netiquettes and ethics going around social media these past couple of weeks, I never wrote any comment on any post, nor took on any side. I am merely an observer and a music fan, so I leave all the bashing and bickering to those who have tons of things to say. Meanwhile, I just sit back and make a daily spin of my CD collection while on the road, creating my own playlist depending on my mood, the weather, or simply, grabbing the nearest album that's scattered around in my bedroom before heading out. Then, as soon as I get back home from work, I'd listen to whatever suits my fancy for the night.

Until I saw Brian Hancheck (of The Arctic Flow) post 10 bands/artists and asked his friends to guess which one he haven't seen live. Apparently, this was a game and reminiscent of the memes back in the old blogging days, I got infected with the virus and had to play along.

Ohhh but my list is not much though as I have skipped and/or missed some of my fave bands who visited the country. Either that, or some had Asian tours but never passed by Manila and the (plane)tickets were simply out of my budget during those times.

So this is my list of 10 (foreign) bands that I have seen, one is a lie, but I truly wish to see them... and SOON!! Ha!

And because this is a blog, I can add photos or videos for each concert, or other live performances I found online. For those who's reading now because of my fb post, I added the dates and venues as promised, and well, you can now check if you've guessed correctly.

1. The Cure - Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL - 03.18.08 [setlist]

This epic opening gave me the goosebumps all over! It has always been my dream to one day see Robert Smith, my first love, in person! This may not be the best video quality compared to today's standards, but c'mon, this was taken almost a decade ago (geesh, time flies!) and I must say, I'm standing pretty much near whoever took this vid.

Here's a photo of the tickets. Front row tickets for my fave band of all time that played 38 songs (!!) and ONLY costs about Php 2,600 (€ 47,35)!?! I wouldn't miss this for the world! (But, geesh, I wonder how much it would cost if they played here in the Philippines?)

2. Dinosaur Jr. - Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL - 08.27.09

Again, not a great quality video, but there's a little trivia, I was captured on this vid at 1:58, at the mezzanine, near the pole. No chance to zoom in though, but here's a couple of my old ugly quality photos taken using my phone (lol):


Found a really awesome quality video, surprisingly! You have to experience Dinosaur Jr. live to really know why they give away free earplugs during their concerts!

3. Explosions in the Sky - Ampitheatre Riviernhof, Antwerp, Belgium - 09.09.09

This video was taken a bit far from the stage, but it has the best audio quality so far among the ones I was able to find. Here's a photo we took that I recovered from my old laptop.

The Ampitheatre is in a perfect location; in the middle of a forest! And Explosions in the Sky fans would definitely remember that video of Your Hand in Mine with scenes in a forest done by a student! Walking through the trees to watch and listen to Explosions in the Sky actually reminded me of the video and made me hum the song in my head! Here's a photo I took of the forest (left). And a photo I found of how it looked like with a little more light (right). Photo credit to nieuwsblad.be


4. 65daysofstatic - Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL - 03.18.08

I can't seem to find any video of them on the same concert, so let me just use this instead. Taken on the same year and continent, just a few months after. The first time I heard them was on the day they opened for The Cure. We were not able to see their whole set but I really liked how they are on the same realm as Explosions in the Sky!

5. Jesus and Mary Chain - BUCKET LIST!! ;)

YES, YES... I haven't seen them live but who knows! Maybe someday?

So, if this is your guess, cheers to you and to that one person who commented "Jose Mari Chain"! LMAO...

6. The Smashing Pumpkins - Araneta Coliseum, QC, PH - 08.08.12 [setlist]

I really loved that they played old faves, especially pre-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness era. Just wished they also played Spaceboy, but those 28 songs were already worth it! Too bad I lost the photos and videos I took during the concert. It was such a memorable night! There was a typhoon during that time and I had to cross and look for alternate routes several times just to be at the concert! Then, after that, I also had a mini-high school reunion with my friends! Thanks to my sister for the tix and to fb for saving at least one of the photos I took. It was indeed, a cosmic night!

7. Tears for Fears - Araneta Coliseum, QC, PH - 05.02.10

This is an incomplete video but I just love how the crowd was shown, and literally EVERYBODY was signing! Even the band was surprised! I remember they said that after all the years of touring, they regret that they only came to the Philippines just now.

It was literally sold-out and there were no tickets left on the day itself. I came with a group of friends but we only had two tix, so the rest were not able to get in. Good thing we were able to buy 2 weeks prior to the concert, and although we got the cheapest seats and were located at the very top of the Coliseum, it was still overwhelmingly fun!

8. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Hard Rock Cafe, Makati, PH 02.29.12

They are such a very friendly band. I even got a chance to chat with them before and after their set. My only regret that day was I forgot to bring my CD to have it signed, as they were all smiles in signing everything! I just got my ticket signed instead.

9. Dead Confederate - Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL - 08.27.09

After Dinosaur Jr.'s set, about half the crowd left and the rest went to a different room on the same venue. As I was used to having the idea that the headliner always plays last (during that time), I got curious who were playing after Dinosaur Jr.! Once they started playing, I was mesmerized by their grungy wall of sound as I was standing right in the middle of the crowd facing straight at the vocalist. Maybe I had too much to drink, but he looked cute too, I thought, and then they started playing Diamond Sea of Sonic Youth and my jaw dropped! I just gotta know who they were! I waited for them or anyone to mention the name of the band but I just learned after my trip who they were, after searching online.

They sound awesome in acoustic too. Check out their two videos featured at Amsterdam Acoustics: The Rat and Wrecking Ball.

10. Nothing - Checkpoint Bar, Parañaque, PH - 01.18.2017

And lastly, this video was recorded by yours truly. I hate how my old digicam's mic is not working as it used to, but I was still lucky to have recorded videos of the band and a few other local artists. So, before I take up Videography in Multimedia, I definitely have to acquire new gear!

In addition to JAMC, here's my list of top 5 bands that I wish to see (SOON): Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and IAMX ♥

There may be articles online making fun of this 10 bands list, and even news saying that it poses a security threat, but as long as you don't mention those that are in your password-recovery security questions, or do not add them in your list in the first place, memes such as these are nothing but friendly and simple reminders of our past experiences. Heck, posting your real full name, email address, birthday, mobile phone, home address, current and past jobs are basically the ones that are red flags! Pff...

As for me, I had fun making this list and digging up in my memory some details of each show. I have posts scattered online and it's nice to pile them up in one place. I have more than 10 bands/artists on my list actually, not to mention the local gigs that I have been to, or organized. Maybe I'll continue with the rest on another post.

For now, I can testify that dreams do come true! But we always at one point, would have to wake up from these dreams... and move on. To the next concert/gig that is! Haha!


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