Don't Close Your Eyes

as i hear the -
    leaves crash to the wind
    walls of echoes
    paint my deserted room
    the linen adrift
    flying floating
    as cold whispers
    wrap my whole being

as i close my -
    eyes in deep longing
    i float more lighter
    almost liquefying
    swimming to that shadow
    to drink the poison
    of its undying spell
    drown my head in compassion

as i feel the -
    whole world spinning
    catch the waves tightly holding
    take me to the other side
    carry me.. carry me..
    and let me continuously fly
    as the breeze swallow me
    in one big.. deep.. sigh

Listen to an excerpt I read for my Audio Class:

poetry note: © 02.10.06. wrote this half falling asleep, half forcing myself to wake. but i can't. and all i can do is move my hands to write, and set my mind to fly...


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