Generations X, Y, Z: Gender Awareness and Acceptance

Generations X, Y, Z: Gender Awareness and Acceptance in the Philippines

Research • 19 SEPTEMBER 2017


This research paper on gender issues discusses the phenomena that despite the advancement of technology today, the Filipinos remain divided when it comes to acceptance of genders. In the Philippine setting, Generation X (GenX-ers), Generation Y (Millennials) and Generation Z (Centennials) are the three main dominant generations in our population today. This study aims to determine the significance of awareness of the diversity of gender from these three generations, as opposed to the acceptance of them. It is important to know the level of awareness of each generation to help determine if this influences their acceptance of the diversity of gender. Is it possible that the generation of those who are most aware are also the most accepting? With all the issues faced by gender differences, we should also look into the root cause that constitutes misunderstanding: misinformation and rejection. And how do we solve these two problems? By becoming aware and learning to accept. The analysis of these findings are discussed and recommendations are stated for future research.



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