Going Blank Again

            Rumor has it that the Mahara ePortfolio website that UPOU is currently using will close soon. And with that, all the works posted by students will also evaporate into virtual thin air. But this is simply not a rumor, as our beloved Program Chair, Sir Al Librero have said several times in the past months that they are thinking of switching to google sites. In a conversation over at facebook, he mentioned that they are closing it down by the end of the year, sometime around November. So, to prepare myself with this migration, I would be transferring all my entries from my ePortfolio to a new home, Solitary Space Repository. This is not my official and graded ePortfolio site, but simply a mirror of posts, as you may call it. In doing so, I am not only saving my months and years of blood and tears worth of hard work, but also this would be a good time to practice before fully utilizing google sites in the upcoming courses.

            This reminds me of the time Friendster had that big announcement that they will totally revamp their site and all photos, entries and posts will be erased. PERMANENTLY. Good thing though, that they offered a free download of all the photos uploaded by each user before they erased them. I was one of the lucky few who was able to read the email blast announcement and salvaged my photos. But too bad that the testimonies aren’t included, thus they are all now part of the virtual dust and forgotten bits and bytes of the interwebs’ past.

            So, before my works obliterate into faded memories, let me start anew with a blank canvas and gradually transfer them at my Repository. Maybe I’ll screenshot the comments too, but I’ll only do that after transferring everything. And if you are an OU student, past or present, who owns a space in Mahara, you better save your works asap, before it’s too late.

            Here's one of my favorite albums of all time, aptly what I'm listening to while writing, and something that will suit while reading, Ride's Going Blank Again.


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