New Year, New Term, New Home

The start of the year marks another new term for OU students like me. That means new classes and lessons, and of course, new introduction forums. The forum is a great venue to see new names, meet new classmates, and say hello to old friends and familiar faces. And whenever I post my intro, I always make sure to inject something that may encourage people to click the link to this blog.

But as I was about to post on the forum, I found out that my domain link has already expired. And since I was am using a free domain, my failure to renew before the anniversary of my domain name, meant I no longer have the free service and had to pay the annual fee. It may sound silly since renewing is free, but these free services always come with a catch. Well, they have to earn from something right? Besides, nothing comes for free forever.

My dilemma now is either paying the annual fee or risking creating a new one that I should remind myself to renew before it expires (again). The thing is, if I pay to get the same domain this year, there’s no guarantee that next year it would be the same price. And I am obliged to pay annually from now on. If I use a new domain, I can use it free for life, provided that I renew it each year, or change it again if I decide to, like if I think of a wittier name or something.

MOMISKA.TK = Momi + Iska + Kat + K

Gee.. I couldn’t think of anything that would have the same or better word play than that!

But how about OUISKA.TK? OU is Open University, OUI in French means "yes" (sounds applicable since I am a very positive person), ISKA is of course, female Isko (lol) and KA.T or "KAT" is still there. So yep, I guess this is the next best name if not even a better one. Indeed, a new year and a new home with a YES! Attitude.

So, welcome to my new home, everyone! Don’t mind the mess on the floor, I still need to renovate and rearrange the furniture.


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