Playing with Python: Personality Test

Midway in this term, I started to appreciate learning python. I must admit that there are so much more that I needed to learn and it would take more practice to come up with something unique and useful for people to actually use.

For now, I’m practicing on if – elif – else and other simple codes, as I am not yet done with the lessons. And since I am fond of taking personality and psychological tests, I thought of making one to share to my friends and the class.

Thankfully for, anyone can answer the test without installing python on their devices. You may click the play button below to start. If you want to hide the codes, just drag the divider upwards.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE CODE DIRECTLY. If you want to play around with the code, you are free to copy paste it on your own account or your Python GUI.

If you answered the test, thank you! As mentioned, I just started learning python and would really appreciate your feedback to help me improve the program.

Some of the things that I would like to improve on are the colors, fonts and possibly images and background, but I don’t know how to do those yet. Lol


  1. Try adding .lower() to your raw_input variables. For example:
    q1 = raw_input(" ȯ What is the first animal that you see? ").lower()

    Anyway, here was my result:
    The koala is the reflection of your life. The panda is the character of your life partner.
    Bypassing the hut means you are not ready for a relationship.

    Your level of generosity is 1/20. The more candles you light up, the more generous you are.

    You have chosen a square table. It means that you are stubborn.
    0 chairs represent your hospitality. The more, the better!

    Your heart is sensitive or strong as plastic.
    No water in the jug represents the amount of love that you will give to your partner.
    The speed of the waterfall represents your sex drive. And you have chosen 5. Go figure!

    The swans on the other hand, means that you have 4 best friends.
    Jumping into the river to swim across means that you act without thinking.

    'lazy' are the first words that you will say on your wedding night. You think of the sky as blue cloudy dynamic, and this is how you view love. Ever wonder how you sound when making love? You sound very deep mysterious creepy!

    Yup, it's silly.

    1. Yay! :3 Thanks for the comment, Juliann! I'l be taking note of your suggestion as I didn't know .lower when I created this. Ha! And yep, I too got silly results. ;)


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