LensCulture’s Street Photography Awards 2018

"The Street is Our Playground"
(35mm, f/2.2, 1/640 sec. ISO-200)



Street children playing at the Sta. Cruz Bridge, also known as the “Filipino-Chinese Bridge of Friendship”, in Ongpin, Binondo, Manila, Philippines

There is something about the innocence of children that captivates me. How despite the bustling chaos of the busy streets, the hardships in life surrounding them, they can come together to a place, to a moment, where the excitement occupies them; have fun and enjoy the company of their friends, carefree, and without a worry in the world.

Picking the Photo

I chanced upon LensCulture's Street Photography contest today, just a day before the deadline. I found it interesting, so I went to their site to know more. And as soon as I read the mechanics, I thought why not give it a try?! But I wondered, what photo should I submit? I only have a few street photos, as I barely go out on the street on my own, with expensive gear. Then, I remembered my Photography Class back in 2016, where I had a photowalk with a few classmates and my mentor. I searched for the files and looked at all my shots.

This scene in particular, is the most striking for me, as it depicts innocence in a world full of busy grown-ups, given that the streets of Binondo are always filled with both vehicular traffic and foot traffic. Everyone else seemed to be in a rush, busy selling and buying, while in the midst of it all, these children didn't seem to care about all that! I only had two shots of this scene, actually. But on the other one, the kid in the middle already landed on the pavement and did a peace sign while smiling at the camera. A few other kids in the circle were looking at the camera as well. It kinda lost the candidness of the shot, so I chose this one instead.

The photo I used in class was actually a black and white version of this shot. I decided to submit the colored version as it seemed more vibrant and happy. Good thing I still have the originals and I was also able to backup my ePortfolio before UPOU's contract with Mahara ended. I still have a copy of my "5 tips that I learned in taking street photography" list. I'll probably repost the list here on this site as well.

After picking the photo, I immediately submitted it and added the descriptions. I only tried for the single image division and wished myself luck. I know it's a long shot, as I looked over the Competition Gallery. They were all great! I really enjoyed looking at everyone's entries! And upon checking, there were no winners from the Philippines at last year's Street Photography Awards. I hope someone wins this time, even if it's not me. A simple representation of our streets in the competition would be such an honor! And, aside from that, the winners will also get these cool prizes:

All selected photographers will be exhibited in Les Rencontres d’Arles (the heart of Arles), France this July. Winning entries will also be featured at a series of International photo festival events in the UK, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Japan, Australia, Spain, France, the US, and more.

Exciting huh? Well then, Good Luck to everyone who joined! *cheers*

I'm just gonna leave my links here so I won't forget (need to be logged-in to view): PROFILE | SUBMISSION


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