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One of my courses this term required 5 Quizzes (with an optional 6th Quiz), a Final Exam, a Final Project and Discussion Forum participation. After taking the 4th quiz yesterday, I created a google sheet with my scores that calculated my final grade. I thought of sharing an editable file, but I do not want to lose the original one. Also, google docs saves the history of edits and that would be a privacy issue. I tried looking for ways to have it editable but unsaved. Sadly, google doesn't have this feature.

I found a forum at stackoverflow with a workaround for this. The user will be asked to sign-in and save a copy of the file to their Drive. But, opening a link to ask you to login is either tedious or suspicious (or even both)! I was aiming for something like editing in a playground mode.

Luckily, I already have a ZOHO account with a better version of google docs! I didn't know that their docs version had this feature! I easily transferred the contents of my file and added the formulas. And, this online grade calculator can now be used and shared by anyone.

This spreadsheet was initially intended for my classmates, but I thought of making it available for those who would also like to experiment. Through this, you can enter your current quiz grades and projected percentage for the remaining requirements. This is also helpful to those who wanted to gauge their current standing in class.

I would probably create another one which can be customized with additional criteria and adjustable percentages. Or perhaps, a GWA calculator! Gonna add that now to my list of things to do. For now, feel free to use the online spreadsheet! Don't worry, any changes that you make will not be saved to the original document. And the grades you enter can only be viewed by you.

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